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107 - Digital Framework Ep - Ekou Recordings / EKOU020

It is time for another batch of new music and November has another debut on the label. This is a trio that are behind the "Digital Framework Ep" and they go by the name of 107.

Formed in 2017, Drum and Bass trio ‘107’ is the product of the combined efforts of Wil Tindall (A K A), Lewis Phillips (Kook) and Lucas Bromfield (Torpor), who aim to emulate and expand on the deeper, darker sides of the genre. While their first single “Curse” was featured on Noisia Radio, the group took a brief hiatus to work on solo projects and hone their craft.

107’s full debut release entitled “Cijfer EP” is relatively recent and it was signed to Onyx. Their next release is composed by the tracks "Microdot", "Geostation", "Mistrust" and "Curse" and it will be available for purchase on the 5th of November!

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