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Agressor Bunx - Chronicle - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN176

Before the gates of hell's fourth layer stands a massive desk of black ironwood, intricately inlaid with avaricious motifs and adorned with a sophisticated seal that once marked the completion of a long-forgotten contract between the great and powerful devils that rule this realm. Atop this desk sits a singular tome, bound in the leathered flesh of contract breakers aplenty. Indeed, between the boundless pages of this terrible tome are listed the names of all those whose actions have or shall destin them to arrive here, recorded forever in an evergrowing CHRONICLE of mortal greed.

Behind this desk sits always the skeletal visage of one of the realm’s septuple gatekeepers, here bedecked in a three-piece suit that would be well fitting were it not for the being’s lack of soft tissue. Before him come the damned, oft sure that their swindling ways might grant them one final respite from condemnation to flame. Commonly, they plead their case before the gatekeeper, and in response, it is assured that from within the depths of his great ironwood desk he shall pull forth the precedents of divine law that will shackle them to their doom. As the poor souls at the gate are ferried away to their torments upon the wings of lesser devils, the gatekeeper reclines in his chair with contentment. Reaching once more within his desk, he withdraws a much smaller tome, detailing the victories of his latest case closed. Each and every one of its entries begins with the very same line -

“Dear diary, today was a damn good day.”

AGRESSOR BUNX return to EATBRAIN with their CHRONICLE EP, the latest release from one of the label’s most dynamic duos. Within, the inimitable pair of producers unleash four tracks imbued with a sonic fury set to send the EATBRAIN horde into a hellish frenzy as they dance to enrapturing rhythms within.

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