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AnatomiX ft. Lifesize MC - Feeding The Immortal - Cause4Concern Recordings / C4CDIGUK076

Cause4Concern delivers another exceptional release this year. AnatomiX, a rising project, showcases a fusion of funky, dark, and aggressive elements in drum & bass. These distinct sounds have become their signature.

AnatomiX presents two exciting tracks for their debut on C4C. The journey starts with "Feeding The Immortal," setting a powerful tone that grabs you by the throat. The chaotic beat rhythms and pulsating bass patches slice through the track, creating an unstoppable force of sub-focused power.

Continuing the momentum, "Harness The Force" ft. Lifesize MC builds upon its predecessor, leading to an epic crescendo before diving into a captivating drop. Its driving and forceful hooks capture your senses, while the twisting bass keeps you exhilarated, seamlessly transitioning between switches. This track is a solid addition to any dancefloor experience.

C4C, known for setting trends since their first release decades ago, continues their legacy. Artists like AnatomiX now take the reins, leading the way into 2023.

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