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Ant Miles & BoneShaker - Curveball - Liftin Spirit Records / ADMM69D

Ant Miles’s Liftin Spirit Records, the original sister label to Ram Records in the 1990’s, finally returns to the world of Drum & Bass with its first digital release since 2010 with ‘Curveball’.

Ant Miles & BoneShaker first started collaborating together on the Atari ST way back in 1986 and throughout the years have released several hard hitters on Liftin Spirit and Ram such as ‘Hustler’ and ‘Vicious Nature’ to name but a few.

This initial track that celebrates their return, fell out of Rob BoneShaker’s studio in Hornchurch. Inspired by the soundtrack from the classic ‘Under the Skin’ movie, the first half of ‘Curveball’ begins with haunting atmospherics and distorted percussion which crescendo and drop into an alien, envelope-smashing rhythm, under-laid with head-twisting bass. The second half morphs into conventional mixer friendly beats, completing the journey.

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