BitLoud - Strange Objects EP - Forest Biz / FBZ049

This April, renowned UK electronic label Forest Biz welcomes regular contributor BitLoud back into the fold for his third EP, Strange Objects – a four-track showcase of genre-bending dubstep innovations.

Hailing from Burnley, Lancashire, the rising star has become a Forest Biz mainstay thanks to his ambitious productions, and has recently even forayed into techno under the new alias Test Bench. A veritable all-rounder whose past releases have spanned 140, halftime drum and bass and leftfield hip-hop, he’s become one of the label’s most versatile exports, counting the likes of The Untz and Rendah Mag among the supporters of his first two EPs on Forest Biz, Limiter Abuse and More Colour.

The Strange Objects EP launches straight into the action with “Deep Breaths”, an immersive, ambient dubstep creation centred around spiralling synth arpeggios and decorative vocal cuts. Spotlighting an entirely different take on the same genre, ensuing track “Ghostmelody (Sleepy Mix)” is a haunting, off-kilter concoction built upon delay-soaked plucks and discordant murmurs which eventually works its way up to a shrieking, clattering climax.

The project’s third offering, “Unfinished Prosecco”, explores yet more of the nuances of the dubstep spectrum, utilising a silky, guitar-laden R&B sample and rattling, metallic percussion to create a rich, but choppy arrangement not dissimilar to rhythm ‘n’ grime. Finally, closing proceedings is the original mix of “Ghostmelody”. A markedly heavier iteration than the Sleepy Mix, this version finds bitcrushed melodies, amp fuzz and swelling basslines introduced into the mix, making for an eerie, yet hard-hitting roller that’s sure to fit right into dubstep sets in the near future.


Forest Biz:

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