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BLVCK CROWZ - All Night - Viper Recordings / VPR278

BLVCK CROWZ is no stranger to Viper Recordings, having spent the stretch of his career as a member of its roster, returning again and again to unleash no-holds-barred records since signing in May 2021. Following recent singles ‘Collide’ alongside Aktive earlier this year as well the massive "LIFT YOU UP" with legendary master DJ Eskei83 featured on the esteemed 2022 Annual, BLVCK CROWZ are back once more with a brand new single just in time for summer's peak.

Based out of one of DnB's latest hotspots known for some of the biggest parties and freshest talents, the Netherlands producer has taken influences from the local jump-up scene and turned it into something suited for the international festival circuit. 'All Night' opens on a sultry pop vibe, sprinkled with the characteristic sharp bass BLVCK CROWZ are known for, but with a tantalising twist.

Featuring his own vocals , BLVCK CROWZ takes us deep inside Europes dirtiest parties with his latest single, 'All Night'. Full of bouncing basslines and an inimitable groove, BLVCK CROWZ transforms the stereotypical sounds of jump-up with a fresh summery take that simultaneously screams radio sing-a-long and festival anthem. Bringing together carnal rhythms and subtle lyrical flavours, 'All Night' is simple yet so masterfully executed it is sure to be another favourite in the BLVCK CROWZ growing catalogue.

Headhunted by label owner Futurebound, he’s sat back with an arsenal of music ready to unleash on Viper Recordings; as the year progresses, prepare to hear more from BLVCK CROWZ as they once again team up with one of the leading cutting-edge drum & bass labels of the last 18 years.

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