BrandNewTrumpets - The Workers EP - Diffrent Music / DIFF043

#BrandNewTrumpets lands back on #DiffrentMusic with her highly anticipated second release, ‘#TheWorkers’ EP.

Almost a full year since her refreshingly idiosyncratic debut, ‘#OdeToOlé’, ‘#TheWorkers’ EP maintains the signature lush soundscaping we’ve come to know and love, but ups the percussive ante.

The South Londoner’s love of more traditional drum & bass comes into focus on opening track ‘#OurAncestors’ Dream’, where hints of influences like the late, great #MarcusIntalex and Bristol stalwart #DJKrust peak through the drumfunk aesthetic. Her own jazz touch remains the most prominent feature — displayed vividly via vocal snatches, the widescreen sax of the breakdown, and subsequent halftime switch.

#TheSecondInsurgency’ finds rolling drum work once again at the forefront, this time cushioned by a velveteen low-end and swathes of silken pads. Heavy delay FX point to dubwise inspiration here, and are carried over into the title track, where the thrum of propulsive kicks and #BrandNewTrumpets’ own wispy vox, create a work of striking textural beauty.

As with her first outing, tempo is a secondary concern, with the bpm differing wildly between each track. Instead, a dramatically detailed, absorbing world forms the heart of each piece, resulting in tracks that are as moving through headphones as they are on a soundsystem.

#BrandNewTrumpets’ ‘#TheWorkers’ EP is out digitally on 4th September via #DiffrentMusic.


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