#Ceph joins the #OYO ranks with the release of his three track #Cruciatus EP, which comes as the latest release from the Russian producer following previous releases on labels including #Hazard’s #Radius, #Calypso and #Ignescent. Such releases have seen #Ceph’s sound develop into a truly devilish arrangement of distorted tones and splashy percussive sequences that found a fitting home in the goblinoid form of his most recent release. Now bringing these searing sonics to #OYO, #Ceph imbues their forms with the malevolent power of a storied curse for the creation of an EP with gut wrenching sonic potential. With an outsize character that makes itself abundantly clear within the first minute of the work, the #CruciatusEP sees #Ceph commit fully to a maximally boisterous sonic approach as he eschews the boundaries of “reasonable” in the crafting of the wickedly warped basslines that are found throughout the EP’s three track span. Supporting these dominating low frequency sequences are a set of sonics of a more sinister nature, with ominous bells, malevolent vocal incantations, and dissonant swarming synths swirling within the umbral depths of the tracks that they inhabit. Backing this all with a set of explosive percussion, #Ceph casts his #CruciatusEP through #OYO as he sets to elicit maximum contortions of body and mind from those who hear its enchanting call.


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