ChaseR vs. Fatloaf feat. Subminderz, Gydra - Neuropunk Records / NRFRG001

#NEUROPUNKRECORDS launches their #NeuropunkForge series with #NRFRG001 featuring the sonic styles of #FATLOAF, #CHASER, #SUBMINDERZ, & #GYDRA across its four track span. A platform dedicated to displaying the talents of rising Russian DNB artists within the international scene, #NeuropunkForge marks its first entry with tracks from three such talents: #FATLOAF, #CHASER, & #SUBMINDERZ, that make a powerful initial statement at the project’s genesis with their unique character.

Opening the EP is #CHASER’s WICKED, which produces a devastating whiplash bassline from the backing of its cinematic pads that rebounds atop the skittering steps of its rapid drums. #FATLOAF then presents the ethereal melody of #SAMURAI, which briefly floats atop the echoes of a booming taiko before being bound to the distorted edge of the track’s razor sharp low end blade. #SICKSTATE comes courtesy of #CHASER & #SUBMINDERZ, presenting a sinister welcome in the combination of its uncanny vocal sample and a deep grinding bassline. #FATLOAF’s second track on the EP, #LETMETOUCH, next broadcasts its oddly tuned & funk fueled melody within a chaotic chorus of roaring basses and vocal interjections. Closing the EP is #GYDRA’s remix of #SAMURAI, which darkens the original’s ominous timbre in the depths of its empowered bassline alongside the frantic melee of its driving drumbeat.

With #NRFRG001, #NEUROPUNKRECORDS presents a devastating four track EP alongside some of Russia’s unsung DNB stars, setting them in a position for further recognition backed by the singular power of their sonic sequences.


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