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Eight releases in and Twist Recordings are already establishing a reputation for top tier quality control across a heavy blend of DnB flavours. We've been treated to a run of heaters from next-to-blow names like Conrad Subs, Slix, and ADSR, and now it's time for the label boss himself to return and stamp his authority on proceedings.

And Classifyed isn't taking any prisoners.

The hard-as-nails 'Crazy' opens up the EP, with enough serrated-edge bassline savagery to turn any rave into a riot.

Then there's the darker, more moody vibes of 'With You' delivered with screwface intensity; followed by 'The Feel' which drops us from a euphorically spaced-out intro into a steel-toed skanker.

That's all before we get to the title track, featuring K-Nine D on the mic layering some extra hype over Classifyed's rolling breaks and fluctuating low end.

So, in this one EP, Classifyed perfectly represents his label's whole vibe. Multiple influences are brought to the table and delivered with a twist on the formula, always with a laser-like focus on dancefloor energy. If Twist Recordings aren't on your download-on-sight list yet, this is the EP that'll change that.

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