Deficit - Eternum (Wreckless Remix) / Smoke & Mirrors - AutomAte / AM8E025

#Wreckless has been a firm #AutomAte fixture since the labels’ inception. Music teacher by day, producer by night and dedicated to the cause, #Wreckless embodies everything that is #AutomAte’s M.O and it is this dedication that has brought him to the attention of labels including the mighty #DispatchRecordings.

#Wreckless and label boss #Deficit have a rich history of collaboration but this is the first time #Wreckless has remixed one of his. Predictably, he knocked it out of the ballpark, taking the half-time, spaced-out Sherlock Holmes inspired weirdness of #Eternum, originally released on sister label #AutomAteDeep, and moulding it into a chunky head-nodding stepper.

On the flipside, #Deficit unleashes a chunky, surly slice of pent-up aggression. #SmokeAndMirrors fidgety, anxious build-up gives way to weighty core elements combined with skittish, shuffling metalwork and cerebral FX that fade in and out of focus as we carefully tread our path through this unfamiliar jungle.


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