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Delimit - The Prologue EP - Othercide Records / OTHRCD015

In anticipation of things to come, Delimit presents The Prologue EP: a collection of tracks that show off a vision of relentless drum & bass, created by DJ Hidden and Neks.

This EP consists of four heavy hitters: The Fifth Element kicks off this release with heavy bass sounds and pounding beats, inspired by the movie with the same name. At Dawn, the second track on this release keeps things heavy, interchanged with playful glitches and scratches. The collaboration with Coman Dante, entitled The Unknown, could be considered a "skull roller" - not entirely skullstep, not entirely roller but a nice hybrid. Delimit closes the EP with Cross Over, an eclectic track with a low key, some crazy stabs, and a tearing reece in the middle.

This precursor gives you a glimpse of the fresh take on hard drum & bass Delimit plans to continue with their album, which is already in the making. Delimit's music is bound to rip those subwoofers to shreds, blow off some roofs and explode plenty of brains... and there is nothing you can do to stop them.

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