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Des McMahon - Ignorant / Tipping Point - Trendkill / TKRUK032

Hailing from North America, drum & bass artist #DesMcMahon has been making himself heard on a variety of imprints, both within his home country and further afield. He’s taken the deep history of his Philadelphian roots and used this to create a sound which is both accessible to his local market and to the one across the Atlantic, ensuring that he’s pushed himself further than just being at the forefront of the Washington D.C. music scene, which in itself is no small feat. From playing sets at mainstay music festivals such as EDC, Beyond and Nocturnal Wonderland, #Des’ has remained at the pinnacle of the genre’s expansion and as a result, he’s gained international recognition.

With releases on imprints such as #ViperRecordings, #GetHype, #Insomniac and on both #Circus and #UltraRecords, #Des returns on groundbreaking platform #Trendkill, a label which has been pushing boundaries due to the respect which label head #Prolix has garnered throughout his illustrious career. And #Des unleashes a fresh perspective on the sounds of #Trendkill, bringing the American vibes and staying true to the high levels of production which #Trendkill boast throughout their catalogue. The new double-sided single from #Des, ‘#Ignorant’ and ‘#TippingPoint’, are expanding the music which #Trendkill are renowned for, although #Trendkill is still providing certified dancefloor destroyers with this forthcoming release.

#Ignorant’ is the first part of their forthcoming single, bringing together the might of both #Des and #Trendkill for a track which is pervasive and sure to create club carnage. It’s brooding but with a technicality which is impossible to ignore, proving that despite only just breaking through in drum & bass terms, he’s still making his presence felt. Then on the flipside, you’re brought into the soundscape of ‘#TippingPoint’, just as intricate in its layering and slicing through with the no-holds barred drums which are a strong point of #Des’ percussion. Together, #Trendkill and #Des move forward and the combined weight of the two proves impenetrable. It’s another gear grinding release from #Trendkill and this time, #Des steers the ship of its next direction.

Beatport Exc: 23rd Sep

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