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Dilemma - Stolen Cuts EP - Flight Pattern Records / FLTPTRN034D

Getting right to it: Theft sucks, theft from a musician sucks more, and theft of a musicians instruments and compositions sucks the most. After #Dilemma's equipment and back-ups were stolen from her flat, she was left with only rough copies of a handful of her tunes, some of them her strongest to-date. Sometimes the vibe is just too good to pass up, so through an extra bit of mastering work and restoration, we bring you the #StolenCutsEP! 3 original stolen tunes and a collaboration effort with label boss #RandomMovement to tie up the loose ends on the 4th track. We here at Flight Pattern are happy to help make this release come to light, and we have this to say to thieves: Don't steal; its bad juju.