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Dr Kick - Deep Krisis / Ungüento - Train Recordings / TRAIN039

Dropping next on the imprint and closing out 2021 we give a warm welcome to the talented Bogota, Colombia based DJ, Producer and Label Owner of Amplifire Audio "Dr. Kick" for his first solo release, after releasing a co-lab track with Jaxx on Together As One vol.3, he comes with a two track single that is sounding very dark and weighty indeed.

DR. KICK - Deep Krisis:- The first track from this double A-side release seeks to highlight the deep and dark essence that characterises the city of Bogota if we talk about Drum and Bass.

Starting off with an intense intro of just a hi-hat and deep atmospherics with a lot of suspense building up to the drop, then comes the thick bass and an industrial environment that takes you all the way through. As a producer his intention was to release the burden of stress and negative emotions, a lot of fury and relief are what could describe this track.

DR. KICK - Ungüento:- The name "Ungüento" comes from the Spanish word for ointment, a medical cream that doctors prescribe for the purpose of alleviating body aches, this track through different raw nuances, stomping drums, a cut rhythm and a deep vibe, seeks to generate physical relief in whoever hears it through the formula of dance.

We assure you that Dr. Kick is one to watch out for and has a bright future ahead, keep your eyes peeled for whats in store from him next!

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