Elliott Saloman - Jungle Minimalist EP - IN:DEEP / IN:DEEP041

ELLIOTT SALOMAN marks his debut release with his EP “JUNGLE MINIMALIST”, which brings the Weymouth-based producer’s fusions of classic jungle rhythms and liquid tonalities to the IN:DEEP label. A producer, DJ and soon-to-be Jungle Label owner from England’s southwest, Saloman has been a longtime champion of the area’s underground music scene as a part of the Local Underground platform that brings the area’s finest DJ’s from a variety of musical styles to the regional airwaves for all to hear. Now expanding his reach beyond this furtive home, ELLIOTT SALOMAN joins IN:DEEP to debut his first full EP to a new set of eagerly awaiting ears.

Opened by its title track, JUNGLE MINIMALIST wastes no time before slipping into a darkly tinged jungle groove. Unique in its sonic character however is the glistening atmospheric pad that lays atop this groove, providing a leavening foil to the drumbeat below. THINK YOU LOVE comes next and iterates on this theme, this time bringing Saloman’s liquid influences to the fore with a wistful piano melody backed by a set of rolling jungle drums and pitched up vocal samples.Following this, REBELLION provides an ominous atmosphere broken occasionally by sharp strikes of a chopped snare drum precursor to the stuttered percussion that drives the track forwards in its later sections. Finally, the sinister tones of NECROPOLIS provide a prelude to percussive rhythms windswept by drifting half voices that swirl in the midst of the track’s vast sonic spatialization.

With JUNGLE MINIMALIST, ELLIOTT SALOMAN makes a dynamic debut release on IN:DEEP Music, merging classical elements of his twin influences for the synthesis of something beyond either of them alone whilst delving the sonic depths for which IN:DEEP is known.

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