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Forbidden Society - ‘Static’ - Forbidden Society Recordings

‘Static’ is the next release from Czech electronic music producer Forbidden Society, a figure known not only through his music but also his clothing line and record label. With wide ranging success from a career which has spanned over decades, his return is marked with a brand-new single which sees him dipping back into the genre he launched himself from. One which also marks the roots of his love for electronic sounds.

After branching out into the world of 140 with ‘Missing Pieces / Ritual’, which saw a host of support from the likes of tastemakers UKF, his follow up hits differently but with the same quality which Forbidden Society achieves through all the music he unleashes. Taking the listener deep into the brooding sonic sphere Forbidden Society has coined since exploring his work creatively, ‘Static’ is a sure-fire sub rattler, once again dropping on his own self-titled platform. It’s quaking bass-levels grab you following its first punching drop and with each shifting snare drum moving the track forward, you’re pulled along with its weight. Proving that despite his more minimalist approach he’s still here to smash dancefloors to pieces.

‘Static’ shows that despite dipping his toes into unchartered waters with his last single, Forbidden Society is still here to capitalise on his drum & bass journey whilst diving into the murkier sounds. In so he again demonstrates his versatility, something which can also be seen through his business ventures and the Forbidden Society stamp which has infiltrated the dance music scene - through merchandise, artwork and more importantly, his music.

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