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Gydra - Wipe feat. IHR (Skantia Remix) - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN129

Masters of the Snake Monastery GYDRA invite a heavyweight selection of artists to showcase their sonic styles for the Snake Monastery Remix LP. Five renowned names enter the monastery bearing a remix each to propel its grandeur to further heights. LEVELA brings the boisterous basslines of his trademark jump-up style, bouncing to and fro on his emblematic remix. SKANTIA then shows of his style of roaring basslines developed over a series of recent releases on RAM Records that do much to match the monstrous nature of the Snake Monastery’s guardians. Following this comes the high speed percussive flurry of GRIDLOK’s technical style, expertly forged over the span of his 20 year career and honed to an evermore exacting edge. AUDIO next delivers the full force of his brutal and heavyweight style, finding common sonic ground between his own Snake Pit imprint and the tenets of Gydra’s serpentine monastery. Finally, GYDRA invite one of neurofunk’s most renowned progenitors, KEMAL, who delivers a masterwork remix replete with his style’s resplendent energy as the LP’s final track.

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