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hayve - Heavy Right Now / Bounce - Viper Recordings

A new name on the block, Viper are proud to welcome hayve into the family with their first single release on the label “Heavy Right Now” and “Bounce”. After winning Koven’s coveted track & build competition on NCS alongside Australian duo V O E, hayve have certainly caught more than a few industry heads’ attention, including label boss Futurebound. With a keen eye for discovering the next big thing in drum & bass, it’s no surprise Futurebound was eager to sign this record from such a talented newcomer. Teaming up with South London vocalist and producer imallryt, hayve have proven their certainly ones to watch.

Making a big first impression with “Heavy Right Now”, hayve’s Viper debut is a charming one. The enchanting vocals of imallryt pair beautifully with the shimmering chords and upbeat energy of the track, offering a gleaming ray of hope and positivity in a time when we need it the most. Setting the stage for summer festivals and bedroom chilling, this colourful number is the ultimate feel good anthem, radiating like sunshine in a bottle from start to finish.

Don’t be fooled by the first track’s luminous energy; hayve are more than just a one-trick pony and “Bounce” certainly proves that. Doing a complete 180, hayve show us that they’re the master of the complete opposite end of the drum & bass spectrum with this gritty, dark, and loud number. Full of dark, twisted sounds and a whole lot of adrenaline, this neuro-meets-jump-up track will knock your socks off, and you’d have a hard time believing this was from the same producers as “Heavy Right Now” if not for the unparalleled quality present in both.

A strong debut covering all their bases, hayve have proven they’re a force to be reckoned with and then some. With two completely different sounds under their belt, there’s clearly nothing hayve can’t do, and what a first impression to make on the leading drum & bass label. Proof once more that no one does A&R quite like Futurebound, hayve will certainly be the talk of the town after this release, and you can expect a whole lot more from them in 2021.

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