Jack Mirror ft Elle Exxe - Junipero - Viper Recordings / VPR224

Joining the Viper family in 2019, Jack Mirror first made waves with ‘Assimilate’ on 2019’s Annual. Since then, he has been pushing his unique, dystopian-dancefloor sounds with singles like ‘Utopia/Reset’, ‘Oculus’, and ‘Pressure/This Lie’ ft. Voicians, all met with critical acclaim. Now, entering 2021 in a big way, Jack Mirror proves once more why label boss Futurebound was so keen to have him sign to Viper with latest single ‘Junipero’.

With a cinematic opening that sets a haunting scene, Elle Exxe’s vocals take centre stage, injecting the track with emotive dancefloor energy that is as infectious as it is mesmerizing. A tribute to Black Mirror’s San Junipero, Jack Mirror’s ‘Junipero’ is a charming number with an eerie edge that will keep you coming back for more.

Futuristic yet nostalgic, Jack Mirror creates an immersive atmosphere from start to finish with intricate production and limitless creativity. Soaring vocals singing of yearnful love and desire add an irresistible warmth to the track, flowing seamlessly amidst the vibrant synths and colourful melodies of the track. Electric and emotive, ‘Junipero’ is an emotionally charged ode to the past and the future, a timeless sing-a-long anthem.

Proving once again that Futurebound’s A&R is second to none, Jack Mirror’s ‘Junipero’ is a strong addition to the Viper catalogue and a fantastic start to the year. With nothing but high notes in store for 2021, make sure to keep an eye on Jack Mirror and the rest of the Viper crew.

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