Juno - Phaser - C4C Limited / LTDC4C019

#Cause4ConcernLimited is an offshoot of a label which has spent decades carving itself into the walls of drum & bass history, every time providing the standards that many fans have come to expect from such a buy-on-sight platform. Whilst its Limited moniker still funnels the no-holds-barred sound shared by its forerunner, it’s focus is on a more understated approach, although it could still find itself throughout any of the DJ sets of founding pioneer #CZA and those of the late #Optiv. From #Cause4Concern’s inception in the 90s, until now with its arm through #Cause4ConcernLimited, they’ve always stayed ahead of the game. They’re now doing this with #Juno on #C4CLimited and he provides the well-chiselled, darkly lit atmospherics which pay homage to the world of its founding roots.

#Juno began his project in 2016, using the drum & bass scene in his Spanish hometown to help him pave the way to his success. With releases on imprints such as #ViperRecordings, #MARecords, #KnifeRecords and #Audigore, since his first output he’s propelled himself into the record collections of drum & bass fans across the globe. He makes a return to #Cause4Concern on their #Limited platform and in doing so, brings with him three brand new selections. Beginning with ‘#Phase’, a murky, growling full-frontal assault, Juno sets the pace, and this continues with the following track ‘#Sylar’. In a similar fashion, ‘#Sylar’ starts with a ruminating intro, one which ducks and dives between heavy brays of bass before kicking into play through a fierce attack. ‘#Hypnosis’ jumps ahead through kick drums that pulsates against every relay of its bassline, with each sequence colliding throughout this fixture. The listener comes under attack from #Juno and it’s an attack which would provide an almighty drop for club goers when played out to them.

#Juno shows his ability to conjure chaos through his music and he manages to maintain this speed from the beginning of the EP to its end. With #C4C also sitting behind the wheel, #Juno’s presence is about to seep into more darkly lit corners and infiltrate the dancefloors his music hasn’t yet reached.

Beatport Exc: 23rd Mar


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