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K Jah - Life Support Ft Vytol / Ominous - Ravers Delight Sampler 2 - Natty Dub Recordings / NATTY058

Man like K Jah has been hard at work in the studio for all of 2020, providing the stay at homeraving massive with hit after hit. His latest (and possibly greatest) release comes in the formof a 12 track album. The aptly named ‘Ravers Delight’ LP is a monster of a release for NattyDub Recordings, starting 2021 with one colossal bang!

For sampler 2 Vytol joins the LP for ‘Life Support’ and continues the flow of bent up pitch melodies like it's2005 all over again. This is backed up by ‘Ominous’ which is nothing short of a creepy littlerollout. Horror chords and vocal shots scatter all over the intro before proceedings getdarkside; certainly one for the corner surfers. Sampler two over and out.

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