Kimyan Law - Uaminfu - [ + + + ] / PLUSEP2

Uaminifu… An old Swahili word that carries many meanings. Loyalty, fidelity, faith, trustworthiness, credibility. And now it’s the title of Kimyan Law’s latest EP.

The second in a series of four chapters, each one revealing a different part of a much larger Emblem Of Peace: ‘Uaminifu’ continues to bare more of Kimyan’s unique universe.

With its own language and landscape that’s slowly been rolling out since his debut album ‘Coeur Calme’ in 2014, it’s a universe all Kimyan Law listeners will be familiar with. Unveiling more of it with every creative dispatch, in many ways this universe is a reflection of Kimyan’s own experiences, thoughts, perspectives and relationship with the real world as he finds his place between his two homes in Congo and Austria.

And right now we find our place zooming in on the people of Kimyan’s universe and their tribes. The inaugural ‘Xylo’ EP introduced us to the Woodland tribe. Now we head due south to meet the Wetland tribe. And these four tracks are the soundtrack to the encounter.

Like the richness of the land itself, the EP is one of Kimyan’s most diverse and far-reaching collections so far. ‘Uaminifu’ reveals his junglistic soul; battle-ready with its well-carved breaks and thundering bass. ‘Saphira’ brings a techno sensibility; relentless but shimmering like the rains. ‘Morpho’ brings light and beauty while ‘Until Then’ brings the EP to a two-step conclusion. A closer laced in hope and faith, once again Kimyan hints at something much bigger before wheeling us back to reality, leaving us yearning for more… And trust, more is definitely en route.

Its people may be old, but this universe is still young. The Emblem Of Peace is slowly revealing itself.

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