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L 33 - Lifeforms - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN148

Within the palm of the galaxy’s outstretched arms lies a veritable jewel of a world, supporting a rich and eclectic biosphere filled with both flora and fauna blessed with preternatural abilities by the benevolent grace of cosmic luck. Their homeworld’s existence within concentric rings of galactic and solar habitable zones bestows these beings with a countenance of primal grandeur, setting them apart from the other species spread across the galaxy on account of the singular strangeness of their existence. Chief amongst the denizens of this distant world is the spectacular Kahnao, a quadrupedal beast known for bearing forth a most sonorous vocalization. With a snout resembling the brass horn instruments often found amongst the ancient cultures of humanoid worlds, the Kahnao’s facade hints immediately to the viewer about its primary purpose. With their population spread in small groups across the vast savannas of their homeworlds, the Kahnao have developed a method of communication that allows them to send messages across distances unmatched by the inborn abilities of any galactic species. Thanks to a vocal tract that runs almost the entire length of their bodies, the Kahnao are able to generate infrasonic frequencies that are amplified as they resonate along the string-like appendages that protrude from their mouths. The subtle differences in the bodies of each member of the species create a different chordal signature, a harmony unique to their form that serves as a communicative signature, identifying them to others across the endless grassland expanses of their home. It is said that when the Kahnao herds speak to each other in their great assemblies the entire planet’s surface reverberates in response, as these unique LIFEFORMS create a sonic experience that is without equal anywhere else within the galaxy. L 33 returns to EATBRAIN with four alien sonic sequences that are replete with thunderous low-end frequencies which call the label’s widespread horde to attention before his latest offering, an EP that he titles “LIFEFORMS”. Within, the EATBRAIN veteran charts new territory for his productions while continuing to deliver the signature sonics that found him purchase on the label many orbital cycles ago, delivering a novel twist on his much beloved stylistic center across the EP’s four tracks.

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