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LSB - Renaissance Songs EP - Spearhead / SPEAR208

LSB returns to his roots for this very special EP… ‘Renaissance Songs’.

Following the release of his deep and introspective nameless mini album on Footnotes earlier this summer (which was his first solo release is almost three years), Luke Beavon continues this sudden spate of proliferation with four timeless soulful D&B grooves on the label that played a huge role in his development… Spearhead.

A link that goes deeper than many might think, Steve BCee and LSB have supported each other from the off: Spearhead was one of the earliest labels to sign and champion LSB productions and played a big role in LSB’s discography and sound before he joined the ranks at Soul:r. But a few years before that, LSB was also a major influence for BCee as he was the first DJ to play and test out BCee’s productions at a night called Bounce in Norwich.

This mutual appreciation, respect and friendship has existed ever since and this EP is a long time coming. Flexing that golden age liquid sound – big samples and even bigger grooves – each of these four cuts hits hard and with a sense of familiarity for all soulful and deep D&B heads.

‘Renaissance Song’ hits with a dusty string sample and vocal that smacks of early High Contrast while ‘Tango Belt’ lilts with a Creative Source era jazzy swing and cute piano flurries on the fills. Deeper into the EP we hit a more reflective heads-down moment on ‘Hotpants Bouncer’ before ‘Ghost Dub’ finishes the EP with a big club-hitting swagger.

Four tracks, perfectly formed: All shades of deep, soulful drum & bass, all chapters of the night catered for, all reasons why LSB is in a league of his own… We guarantee this will still sound good next time LSB returns to his roots.

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