Manga - Synthesizer / Autobots - NEUTRONIC BEATS / NTB049

Let's face it- lockdown has brought out the best in some people. Manga's reverence of his architecture has become honed to new heights of acumen and energy in this fiercely intricate double A side release. Aside from the sustained pressure of the components, one thing which leaps out immediately with first break is #Manga's flair for mastering; not many producers can turn their hand to every aspect of creating a track with such adept devotion. A real feast for the senses, #NeutronicBeats raise the roof once again with mechanized prowess.

A/ Synthesizer One of the best examples of how a few charismatic elements, processed to perfection and developed in the hands of a true musical genius can create a vibe so spectacular you wonder how the hell he managed to do it. Male vocal shouts, bitcrushed 'Speak & Spell' style vox and the most insane bass you are likely to hear this year create a structure so hot it'll shut down absolutely everything and everyone exposed to its infection- it's off the chain and it's all over- just let it take you, you have no choice.

AA/ Autobots Metallic bass drum booms and hair-raising horn samples fuse to form the foundations before the '#Autobots, let's roll!' vocal rip steals your senses and transports you deep into the drop. Rolling breaks bubble and stutter, echoed by the automated bass and filtered FX, building a sense of fevered excitement throughout which makes movement imperative.

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