Manifest - No Way Out / Build And Destroy - Deception Recordings / DECEPTDIGI1211

Producer, DJ and Deception Recordings boss Manifest steps up on the label for No Way Out / Build And Destroy, his latest Single.

Here, Manifest deploys throttling bass lines, detailed percussion lines and eerie sonics, delivering two tracks of pure rave energy designed to light up speakers and get ravers dancing.

'No Way Out' kicks off the record. Opening with hyperspeed drum programming and a symphony of distorted low-end patterns, Manifest layers the introduction as the track plays out. A rolling, grainy drum line enters the fray while the vocal samples become mangled. 'No Way Out' eventually explodes into a heavyweight verse as crunchy bass riffs claw over intense drums.

Up next is 'Build And Destroy'. Here, cosmic pads, chopped vocals and quick drum hits make up the intro, a weightless and ominous opening. The track eventually drops into a high-octane verse as seismic bass lines burrow into the brain's deepest areas. Driving percussion gives 'Build And Destroy' plenty of forward motion, making the tune one to lose your mind and body to.

No Way Out / Build And Destroy will arrive to Beatport & Spotfiy on 11th July, landing on all digital platforms two weeks later on 25th July.

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