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Martyn Nytram - Light Up The Dance EP - Dub Plate Dread / DPD023

Mighty label Dub Plate Dread are back with an exciting 6-part project from music producer Martyn Nytram dubbed Light Up The Dance EP.

Having been on the circuit as a producer since 2013, Martyn Nytram has developed his very own unique approach to music production, resulting in a series of tantalising Drum and Bass projects and tracks that have wet the appetites of consumers across the scene.

Martyn prides himself on his devotion to his craft; something that seeps through his content with ease. Whether it be a heavy-hitting jungle offering or a dynamic DnB anthem, the producers artistic mind goes into overdrive to manufacture consistently memorable, A-grade musical matter.

Light Up The Dance EP is a prime example of Martyn Nytram and his infectious sound, who bleeds his passion and experience through every aspect of the body of work. The eclectic tracklist takes its listener on a fluctuating journey of nostalgic jungle and Drum and Bass soundscapes; candidly tying together to birth a memorable project, posing as the perfect addition to Martyn Nytram’s swelling repertoire.

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