Mean Teeth - Bring Back The Funk - Part 4 - C4C Recordings / C4CDIGUK061

When solo artists #Voice and #Ophzet brought together their individual skillsets, it birthed a project which finds itself within the catalogues of dance music’s most historic imprints. Their amalgamation of the funky, dark and aggressive elements of drum & bass has seen them grace the catalogues of imprints #BadTasteRecordings, #RenegadeHardware and #Program, where they became tastemakers within their own right. Joining these ranks alongside artists such as #Gridlok, #DLR and #Machinecode, their own music proved just as pivotal for music listeners across the globe. Pulling together the sounds which would later become a signature of the project, the announcement of their ‘#BringBackTheFunk’ LP on #C4C ignited the anticipation around its launch.After the release of part one, two and three on the ground breaking label, they return once more to unleash the fourth chapter within its series, channeling the same high levels showcased throughout its scheduling.

#Mean offer four brand new selections for their ‘#BringBackTheFunk’ album and they’ve yet again surpassed the already sky high expectations they’ve secured through a continuous stream of top-tier releases. The sampler begins with ‘#Airpusher’, a record which sets the tone and goes for the throat in a way that is stereotypically #MeanTeeth. Following in quick succession is ‘#KeepinItDirty’, swinging with the type of well-honed grooves which are a staple of the duo’s production, enabling you to move your body alongside their chaotic beat rhythms. ‘#Vitriol’ funnels throbbing bass patches that slice and dice the tracks bassline, helping to create an impenetrable force of sub-focused power with every sixteen-bar breakdown. Then lastly, head honchos #CZA and the late #Optiv step up with the help of #MeanTeeth, presenting a collaboration that nods to why #C4C still reigns supreme.

#C4C maintains a trend they created decades prior with their first ever release. And it’s their new generation, led by artists like #MeanTeeth, which takes the reigns for 2020.

Beatport Exc: 13th Apr


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