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Midnight CVLT - Bloodfire - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN169

The conflagration began innocuously at first, smoldering slowly within the heart of the war-torn city. There beneath its streets, within the drains that ran red with the blood of the slain, a concentrated rage had begun to gather which imbued the surrounding atmosphere with a sourceless and oppressive heat. The wooden pipes were the first to burn, forgotten relics of another age that still lay within the ground. Then came the coal that wound its way in veins through the earth beneath the city. It burned with the avaricious greed of conquest, a mineral remembrance of former sieges endured and those slain over what another possessed. From here, the flame began to lick at the surface of the city, blood red in color. Its undulating tongues lapped at the recent dead, kindling their bodies before they could be buried. It roared with power as it consumed the hastily constructed ramparts and barricades that littered the streets, its rage overpowering the fervor of the attacker and the resoluteness of the defender alike, taking what each had sought to claim as their own in a single fell swoop.

With each passing day, each rebuffed assault, the BLOODFIRE seemed to consume more and more of the city’s streets. It burned strangely, growing only as death occurred around it and not in response to available fuel. Those who saw this urged the fighting to stop, but their cries fell silent over the roar of gunfire and flame alike that engulfed the city each day. Many of those then turned to the flame, transfixed by its enduring nature. It had become their only constant, and its once oppressive warmth had grown comforting over time. Some, bereaved by loss or broken by conflict began to throw themselves into the fire. It was said that they did not scream, but turned softly to ash within the dark red flame. With these each of these sacrifices, the BLOODFIRE grew. Burn it would until blood there was no more, and within these walls, that essence of vitality flowed eternal.

MIDNIGHT CVLT joins the EATBRAIN roster with his first solo EP, BLOODFIRE, following his recent collaborative single EP alongside Dub Elements for “My Eyes//Emergency Loop”. With BLOODFIRE, MIDNIGHT CVLT makes an exuberant entrance to the EATBRAIN horde, providing four tracks set to burn their way into their listener’s ears with the fever pitch of their red-hot rhythms.

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