Missing - Jump Up (incl. Jappa Remix) - Trust Audio / TRUST016

The #TrustinJungleLP was a big moment last summer & showed once again the diversity of the label with a plethora of amazing artists contributing to the project. So it was just a matter of time before the jungle vibes returned to the Trust catalogue.

#Trust16 sees bonafide #Junglist OG, the man like #Missing return to #Trust, following his outstanding release last year #LivingTheDream / #IAintTrying (#TRUST012). This time with a blistering #Jungle tearout aptly titled '#JumpUp' Originally made as a Dubplate Special for Notting Hill Carnival that created such heat it had to see a full release.

#Jumpup is everything you want from a jungle riddim, ruff n rugged chopped up amens, ragga vocals & bassline, pure hands in the air mid 90s vibes to put a smile on the face of even the most serious of rude boys inna dance. #Missing delivers an immense slice of nostalgia but with fresh samples & still carries the weight of todays productions. You can see why this gained attention from across the board, from not just Jungle/DnB DJ's but to the likes of #1Xtras #ToddlaTee, thats the kinda vibe we're dealing with here.

To complete the release that guy #Jappa flips the script with the remix & it's everything you'd expect plus more. A seriously weighty roller that holds no mercy. #Jappa goes in & switches the style, big & bashy 2020 style with a bassline that will mash up your speaker & bury a soundboy dead! Subtle use of the vocals build up to a cavernous drop with siren like effects & licks that rolls out sweeter than Irie, This remix is the perfect compliment to the original, truly a different version but keeping the vibes electric. This talented producer makes his debut on #Trust & this is definitely the way to make a statement amongst the bevy of talent on #TrustAudio.

#TrustAudio really hit the spot & tick all the boxes with this release, we understand that this is a warm up for a full #TrustInJungle package coming in 2021. If #JumpUp is a taste of things to come, we can't wait!

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