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Mountain - House ( Dossa & Locuzzed Remix) - Viper Recordings

Viennese pair #Dossa & #Locuzzed are renowned for being part of the #ViperRecordings roster, where they’ve made their home, with it also being the place in which they dropped their debut ‘#Resonate’ LP in the latter half of 2019. And they make a welcome return this year as part of imprint #HighTeaMusic’s compilation series ‘#CaffeineRush’, which is now entering into its second chapter.

Amongst several high calibre exclusives and reworks, #Dossa & #Locuzzed provide their funk infusions across their remix of #Mountain’s ‘#House’. They add their groove-riddled tones to the Japanese maestros work, with sweeping layers sitting underneath plucky beats and sing-song vocals streaming through the mix.

Debuting on #T & #Sugah’s respected platform hailing from the Netherlands, #Dossa & #Locuzzed compliments the album’s track listing and proves that the Austrian duo are continuing their success throughout 2020. Their unmistakable sounds are a testament to that fact.

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