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Mozey, Shady Novelle, L-Side - Make Believe - V Recordings / PLV149DD2

Mozey links up with Shady Novelle & L-Side for the second part of his two-track release, presenting 'Make Believer'.

This single has all the ingredients of a dancefloor winner, a half time intro led by the tone of Shady Novelle's vocal, and a growling drop that has both L-Side and Mozeys to blame.

L-Side's coming fresh off the release of his Canral Mind Remixed project featuring Break, Spirit, Dogger & Mindstate & Alibi, as well as other chart topping singles and remixes.

In addition to his recent Liquid V single with Sofi Mari, Mozey boasts a catalogue of releases on the likes of Bingo Beats, Emcee Recordings, Souped Up, Serial Killaz and many more top shelf imprints. He continues to grow in every sense of the word with each release and this single is no different.

Shady Novelle lends her dreamy tones having previously linked up with Mozey on his recent Hospital Records cameo.

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