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MPW - Drawing Shadows E.P - Train Recordings / TRAIN040

For the first release of 2022 we fittingly welcome Hertfordshire based producer MPW for his first solo EP after releasing his track "Jungle Stranger" on Off The Rails volume 3.

From going to his first rave in 2003 at Camden Palace until now you could say what has inspired him would be record labels like Full Cycle, Renegade Hardware and Jungle music overall...

MPW - Drawing Shadows:- The title track from the EP which opens up with very eerie intro pads, stepping, stomping drums, and gritty bass.

Composed like an audio painting of the idea he had for the EP name Drawing Shadows.

MPW - Project X:- This one is filthy but cheeky and rolls hard, it has such a vibey groove in the drum work and bassline that it will keep you locked in the mix and have you playing it over and over.

MPW - Assassin:- Using jungle breaks mixed with modern sounding synth and drum processing, which gives a wicked blend of old and new, it is aimed at the dancefloor like the rest of the EP.

MPW - Vortex:- Reminiscent of an old Full Cycle or Good Looking Records type of track, it has more of a spaced out intelligent style and is the easy listening track of the batch, proper roller.

MPW - News Of The World:- It's all about the bongos and wobbles that come in throughout this beat...

Keep locked in for whats coming next from MPW, as he's working hard at honing his talents as a producer.

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