MVRK & Screamarts - Infinite Funk / Infinite Funk [Disprove mix] - Delta9 Recordings / D9REC081

#MVRK#Screamarts are returning to #Delta9Recordings with their forthcoming single ‘#InfiniteFunk’, which see them sticking to the rhythms they are renowned for whilst also dipping their toes into new waters, playing with the contemporary trends infiltrating clubs. On "#InfiniteFunk" #MVRK#Screamarts explores an array of different takes on the drum & bass genre summarizing them in one track. It gives an insight into why #Delta9 brought this tune into its hands.

#InfiniteFunk’ is your first entry into the release. The track is a gateway into tech Drum&Bass, with game-like bleeps and drums rolling through to its first drop. Sci-fi inspired sonics are sliced and diced, building the anticipation before it eventually explodes. #MVRK#Screamarts do what they do best and in doing so they offer a record which could find itself at home on a range of dancefloors. #MVRK & #Screamarts can adapt their music and any drum & bass fan who has a penchant for the darker waters will know that ‘#InfiniteFunk’ proves this; it’s a track which has already sent crowds into a frenzy throughout the global market.

#Disprove adds the final number, having already made waves through a range of releases on labels such as #Invisible, #Eatbrain and #Surveillance to name a few; his name is already widely recognised. #Disprove’s spin on ‘#InfiniteFunk’ signals exactly why this is, with its whirling percussive patches and clanking drum patterns delivering you into its high-arching grooves. It also has an urgency which is difficult to remove yourself from, alluding to its danceability. 

#Disprove  provides the final high note to a single which is indisputably of an impeccable standard whilst #Delta9Recordings once again steps forward into the realms of the big leagues.

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