Nais - Dirty Bounce EP - Neuropunk Records / NRPNK004

#NAIS makes his debut on #NEUROPUNKRECORDS with the #DIRTYBOUNCEEP, representing the latest in a slew of recent releases by the rising Russian producer. Coming hot on the tail of a recent release for #Eatbrain, #DIRTYBOUNCE features a selection of over the top neurofunk cuts in the vein of those #NAIS has released in the past on labels such as #Eatbrain, #Playaz and #RAM.

#GETIT opens the EP with the sole weight of its bassline, which grinds with abrasive force against the track’s dub inspired atmosphere in a pointed contrast between the two elements. The titular #DIRTYBOUNCE brings this abrasive bass to further heights as it warps it into warbling tonalities atop a drumbeat packed with explosive snares. #TELLME then rises to the call of an ominous vocal command, the full utterance of which summons the monstrous rage of the track’s true identity as its distorted roar rings out above driving drumbeats and raw breakbeats alike, whilst #BREAKINGUP binds a similar energy tightly to its percussion sequence for a rapid flurry of low end frequencies.

With the #DIRTYBOUNCEEP, #NAIS combines with fellow Russian label #NEUROPUNKRECORDS for a singularly powerful solo effort, presenting an audio assault which displays the full brunt of his sonic capabilities across four powerful tracks.


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