Neonlight - Re-Masters Pt1 - / DIASCOPE 002

Hello world! DIASCOPE 002 is here. While celebrating and reflecting the past 10 years of #Neonlight we came across of six tracks that have been released around 2009 and 2010 on #TrustinMusic.

Regretfully the label does not exist anymore. So we decided to remaster these pretty cool tracks and make them available for everyone again.

For us every track is connected to memories and personal stories. #TheFrozenTape (formerly named as "#frozenfeet" - because of Jakob's freeeking cold flat share room in 2005), #SystemError (collaboration with the extremely talented #Hedj - miss you bro - R.i.P.), Dessert (good times and vibes with Miss Redflower), Epidemic & Enter (first online collaboration buddy #RolaR) and last but not least #BLACKOUT (timezone collaboration hustle with #Kiro from California) may recall good memories for the ones, or be completely new for the others.


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