Neve - Nobody EP - The Dreamers / TDR026

The mighty #Neve, the label manager of #The_Dreamers_recordings is back with a banging 7 track EP, that he describes in his own words: “The name of the Nobody EP comes from my sound research, sometimes I find myself doing the oddest things for creating sounds. As a label manager I always advice other artists to work on a sound that makes them unique. In the last months I’ve released some dark rollers tracks on labels as Guidance and Lifestyle Music, but at the same time I kept working on more experimental areas (The Dreamers Rem Phase and a release with Calculon on non60).

While the general drum and bass sound is clearly going in a defined direction, I chose to release an EP with a broader music spectrum, including two 100bpm tracks. With this work I want to expand the boundaries of my productions, maintaining the signature sound that I’ve created using my trusty hardware gear. It is a collection of the best dancefloor tested tracks, produced and refined in the last two years, and remark the unidefined but defined sound of 'The Dreamers Recordings' : a good place for good music."

#Nobody” is a clear tribute to The Prodigy sampling skills, but has a trap attitude and a raw distortion, “#Keep_it_up” with #Was_A_Be is a 90's sounding 4x4 track that starts at 170 bpm and drops down at 140 in the middle. A perfect dj tool to explore different shades of bass music. “#Skirts” has a bouncy bassline to shake the dancefloor, “#New_energy” is pure halfstep business with gritty synths, “#Midi_gal” feat #Neekoshy is another halfstep tune made with the Turin based Mc Neekoshy and with sampled birds: dedicated to all the dnb ladies, “#Bell_dance” (with #Frame) is one of the most played in Neve’s sets of the last two yers, this what happen when halftime meets the dub, “#Sandonarcos” has been created on the southern Italian beaches with local samples and closes the EP with a 100bpm tempo.


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