Nick The Lot – Extra Clips EP
- Prototype Recordings / PROREC011

#PrototypeRecordings proudly presents this long awaited monster of an EP by Brighton lad, #NickTheLot. A collection of four impressive tracks that caught the ear of the Godfather of Drum & Bass.

#ExtraClips has been doing the rounds for a while and was causing absolute havoc in the nightclubs long before we all went into lockdown. Since then, this grimey masterpiece has been played several times on many #Fabio & #Grooverider #RinseFM shows and has caught the attention of the Jungle OG #RayKeith who has recently selected it for play on his #Dreadcast shows.

Rewind and take a rather large step back in time to when humanity was a race of hunters and gatherers living in dwellings made of grass and mud and you might start to understand the savageness of Nick’s ‘#2000YearsAgo’.

Full of evil tweaking and downright nastiness, #TheVillain is utterly remorseless as it causes destruction driving the listeners insane with its dark and heavy twisted beats.

#GotToMove’ shows off Nick’s forever growing versatility as an A* producer. It’s got a bit of everything you need to get the crowd jumping and gun fingers pointing.



Nick The Lot:


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