NickBee - Running Through / Essential - SurveIllance Music / SRVLNC003

#Nickbee joins the growing #SurveIllanceMusic roster with the debut of his latest single #RunningThrough // #Essential on the recently formed label that holds a vigilant watch over the most cutting edge sounds within Drum & Bass. Well known for his many previous efforts across labels including #Eatbrain, #BadTaste, and the recently closed Invisible, #Nickbee has long displayed nigh unmatched devotion to innovative and experimental sound design. This attitude is displayed in full across both #RunningThrough and #Essential, and finds #Nickbee a fitting home amongst his #SurveIllanceMusic fellows. #RunningThrough builds upon a series of syncopated sinusoidal bass pulses before splitting beneath the impacts of the track’s deftly chopped drumbeat, which warps basses and synths as one whilst claiming the track’s highest harmonics for its own sizzling cymbals. #Nickbee then delivers the single’s B-side #Essential in collaboration with the vocals of #MCSwift, who provides a critical prelude to the bellowing roars of the bassline which dominates the track following his final word. With #RunningThrough // #Essential, #Nickbee takes the next watch at #SurveIllanceMusic, broadcasting his latest single as the most recent transmission on the label’s novel audio network. Beatport Exc: 2nd Mar


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