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OaT - Confessions - T3K / T3KNOLOGY006

The fast-moving internet is full of rising talents and we see it as the mission of a label to find and present them to the world. We at #T3K are very happy to have one of the most promising new artists on board. Since his tribute track to #AlixPerez and his first EP on #ForestBiz last year a lot has happened and this young man can look back on releases on top notch labels like #AddictiveBehaviour, #BadTaste or #Hybris' #Pseudoscience. We are talking about none other than the German wunderkind #OaT and his breathtaking “#Confessions”.

In the title track “#Confession” the listener encounters a percussive wall, unstoppably rolling in the slipstream of the pliant bass driven by an effect-soaked vocal sample. “#SwiftConclusion” effortlessly manages the balancing act between relaxed liquid and forward-thinking DNB thanks to fast hi hats, retro fills and crisp drums. “#CloseManagment” doesn't save on weirdness and minimalism and is better described as a living, winding sonic construct than an overprocessed sound explosion. ”#AllMyLove” fits in perfectly with the EP because you'll find all you need: smooth and juicy lows, excellent drums and a lot of #OaT-trademarks. “#Blackface” on the other hand lives from ex- tended bass rides and dark atmosphere which work well together with the razor sharp hi hats.

Despite his rather short career, #OaT impresses with clean and rich production as well as consistency, diversity and signature sound. The latter is expressed above all by creamy basses and clearly defined instruments. The “#Confessions“ EP is the ideal way to check the validity of these statements on your own.