Original Sin - Back To The Future - Energize Muzik / EM002

#OriginalSin’s recently launched #EnergizeMuzik returns with a brand new single, once again shining a light on the music which has enabled him to centre himself as one of the leading figures within the underground jump up scene. Time and time again the producer has only delivered the most cutting edge music, landing himself as not only a tastemaker but also a figure who’s played a part within the ranks of the founding labels that ignited its underground popularity.

The first release dropped on #EnergizeMuzik, ‘#NeverSayDie’ garnered the attention of his worldwide fanbase and signalled the full creative freedom he’s now exploring through the creation of his self-releasing imprint. And following in its footsteps, ‘#BacktotheFuture’ is no different. It’s a track which received spins across the summer from the main figures within drum & bass. Most notably, his own set at #Boomtown was a standout and it’s here that many fans were given a chance to hear the track through one of the most infamous sound systems in the UK. Since this moment, anticipation has grown around its release and now dropping on #EnergizeMuzik, attention will be drawn towards the label like never before.

#BacktotheFuture’ has the type of cinematic intro that its name suggests and its also the type of intro which underpins the beginning of any #OriginalSin track. You can imagine the DJ and producer gearing up for another tear out set at #Fabric, the type which rolls through the records that have made him such a notorious name. ‘#BacktotheFuture’ is one of these records and it’s a welcome addition as the second part of #EnergizeMuzik’s catalogue. It’s a tear out anthem and it’s the type of track which is inherently #OriginalSin’s, especially once its crashing drum sequences have kicked in after the initial stabs of growling bass peddles. ‘Back to the Future’ signals a new chapter in the history of #OriginalSin. And this is just the beginning.

Beatport Exc: 30th Nov


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