ORIGINAL SIN - Never Say Die - Energize Muzik / EM001

The announcement that #OriginalSin was set to launch his own label created shockwaves which reverberated across the entire drum & bass scene. Known for his part on #DJHype’s long standing #PlayazRecordings imprint, as well as many other platforms which have carved the genre’s very fabric, he’s become a revered figure within dance music. So for him to create his own podium to release music has signalled a shift in the direction of his career and it’s one which will push him to even greater heights, especially with the first single due to drop this September.

From remixing the likes of #ShyFX, with his rework of ‘#Rah’ gaining him international attention, the Northern producer has since become a defining part of the #RamRecords catalogue with a flurry of releases over the past two years. But this has all been building up to him finding a place for himself within the vast range of independent drum & bass labels which have been appearing throughout its subsection of electronic music. And this is a space which has given him full creative control, something an artist like #OriginalSin needs, especially being a figure that represents the underground.

The first track to be released on #EnergizeMusik is ‘#NeverSayDie’, following the exact formula of what you would expect from an #OriginalSin track. It’s chaotic, but also featuring the type of engineering which pays homage to the years of work #OriginalSin has spent on his production. With ragged drums and an intro which takes you deep into the fray, this is #OriginalSin at his best, alluding to why he’s stood the test of time over his career. This is a climatic start to the next stage of #OriginalSin’s journey, one now giving him the free reign for him to become the master of his own musical process. With the help of #EnergizeMusik, the producer is now expanding his horizons, still remaining as the master of his craft.


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