Phonograph - Analogy EP - Hyperactivity Music / HYP-025

The anticipation around every release on #HyperactivityMusic has only grown with each one they’ve dropped, adding another part to their growing catalogue. From the start they’ve maintained impeccable standards and the Marseille based label, spearheaded by local stalwart #BRK, has grown from strength to strength ever since its first output. The head of the new-born label has stayed committed to finding only the most cutting-edge artists to welcome into their roster. Founder of the French crew #FutureSkankerz, this wasn’t going to be difficult with the wealth of talent he had available to him. Being involved in bass culture from a young age he was a major activist throughout his local scene and having toured extensively, #BRK has brought the sounds of #Hyperactivity to stages across live staples including #OutlookFestival and the radio airwaves of #RinseFM.

#Hyperactivity’s forthcoming release comes from a producer named #Phonograph, who unveils a five-track EP on the imprint and it adds to an already impressive array of music on the label. Already garnering support from the likes of #DJAphrodite, #RoniSize and #Optiv, his streamlined sounds have now found themselves at home within the realms of #Hyperactivity. The world explored across his ‘#Analogy’ EP highlights the reasons why he was picked up by #BRK. The EP begins with ‘#SpecialOccasion’, a track under scoring the progressive, melodic throws of #Phonograph’s world. Then comes the murkier sounds of ‘#Sleeper’, one which takes you out into the deep and leaves you treading water amongst peddled drum patterns alongside quaking subs. Up next, title-track ‘#Analog’ takes centre stage and it’s just as well-thought out as its predecessors, with a driving bassline and carefully honed atmospherics. ‘#ThunderstormAndLightning’ follows a more rolling vibe, taking you layer by layer through its winding motions and rhythms. Finally, ‘#MorningSun’ delivers the final blow, although this time #Phonograph comes with scattered beat notes and layers of pounding breaks.

This is the producer at his most imperative and he delivers you into his soundscape throughout ‘#Analogy’. With Hyperactivity at the helm, he’s looking to offer his work to a wider market, something which is sure to pull in more high calibre backing from across the scene.


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