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Polychrome Vol.3 - Hyperactivity Music / HYP-027

Marseille based #HyperactivityMusic is about to drop a massive compilation which highlights just how imperative it’s become as a record label. Beginning its life as a small independent label, it’s since grown to lay itself down as not just an defining force within the French drum & bass scene, but also the world, as it unleashes a plethora of music from both its regular roster additions, as well as names who’ve woven the fabric of the genre over recent years. After a succession of remix packages, they’re now set to drop a massive number of exclusives, led by label manager #BRK who stands as a pillar of the local drum & bass corners which nurtured the roots of #Hyperactivity. And the quality levels exemplified throughout this forthcoming album highlights why 2020 is set to be another monumental time for both the imprint and its artists. Fresh faces #Brain & #UnrealProject are first to offer up their collaboration ‘#DiveintomySoul’, a deeply percussive dive into the technics which they’ve mastered individually and a collective. Following in quick succession is the familiar sounds of #Kuantum for ‘#Onthego’. #Gunston’s ‘#Adrar’ is a welcome return for the producer whilst #AYM brings #LeMoussoir into the mix with ‘#SweetJam’. Label head #BRK then comes through with ‘#StrangeMood’, drawing for the complex musicality which has been a long-held drawing point of #Hyperactivity’s catalogue. #Vici’s ‘#JerkyWaves’ shows how the lighter and darker elements of his production is used to create a landscape that immerses you in a hardlined, yet understated sound, whilst still appealing to dancefloors. Then the long, drawn out note patterns and ethereal synthesis of #Phonograph’s ‘#BreakingThrough’ harbours the darker side of #Hyperactivity’s discography, meanwhile providing its listeners with a lulling, rhythmic motion. Finally, you’re brought into #Peyo’s ‘#Supplication’, a softer hue compared to its counterparts and it once again demonstrates the versatility which Hyperactivity have pedalled from the start. #Hyperactivity jump into 2020 with a huge number of records, each of nodding to the direction which the label will be taking into the coming year.