Probert - Sweating Chemicals - Mammoth Muzik / MAM013

#Probert returns to #MammothMuzik following the success of his last release ‘#FlotationDevice’. Since then he has been perfecting his studio skills, and follows up with the heavyweight ‘#SweatingChemicals’. It showcases #Probert’s talent for sound design and song structure, and his ability to take you on a musical journey.

#SweatingChemicals begins with crisp, rolling beats and a hypnotic, repeating piano scale which builds the anticipation for the rush of the drop. Delayed bongo stabs and spacey effects intertwine with the beats and add to the mood of the track.

Gradually the bass creeps in, following the pattern of the piano scale before giving way to the hip hop sample and drum roll, which signal things are about to get messy!

When the oscillating bass drops, it is gritty and raw, and your face will contort into a bass gurn! It is reinforced with powerful sub bass, and blends with the rhythmic piano scale to create a sense of foreboding.

The second bass drop is where you reach your peak, and the stomping bass is reminiscent of #EdRush & #Optical’s classic ‘#Pacman’. This leads to the break down, but just when things start to calm down here comes the second wave of bass to bring you up once more, and get you bouncing again!

#Probert has definitely taken inspiration from hot, rowdy raves and clubs, to produce the type of track to get you sweating on the dancefloor!

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