Prolix presents: OPSEN - Trendkill / TKRUK036

Formally known through his part in the French trio SIGNS, since going his own direction #Opsen has become a defining figure in his own right. After catching the attention of labels who are pivotal forces of the drum & bass genre, including #Eatbrain, #C4C and #Noisia’s #DIVISION Recordings, he makes a return to #Trendkill through his solo alias. Alongside several outputs with #BurrOak (his collaboration project with #TheClamps), he’s proven his standards are second to none, with a record on #Trendkill which is already intimidating for even the most well-known names. His work in both the sound design and sample industry is certainly apparent through the quality of his engineering; he’s a producer’s producer who continues to make music which translates to the dancefloor. His forthcoming release on Trendkill demonstrates this fact.

The ‘#BlockCypher’ EP from #Opsen is an embodiment of what #Trendkill represents; that’s high-powered drum & bass with a refined technically which makes it the perfect club orientated music. And it’s no surprise that #Prolix stands at the helm, known for always drawing for these types of sounds throughout his DJ sets. The EP starts with ‘#BlockCypher’, a track which locks into its launchpad before setting off on top of growing bass stabs and soaring keys of synthesis. And before long you’re pulled up with its first cataclysmic, drum-orientated breakdown.

Following next on the track list is ‘#CrazyBoar’, rolling through like a wild animal and snapping through its crazed drum sequences. Distorted bass patches add to the track’s creature-like tendencies and its impact ricochets throughout. ‘#Defiance’ finishes the EP and its steppy first build has a loudness which expands through its encompassing atmospherics, before a hectic switch takes you deep into the record’s core. #Opsen puts forward his driving dancefloor influences for this track, which perfectly rounds the EP off and gives it an extra flare of creativity.

#Opsen draws to a close another release on #Trendkill and highlights again why he’s now a staple of its roster.

Beatport Exc: 1st May


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