pyxis - The XX - Eloisa Records

Updated: 2 days ago

Exciting new producer pyxis makes her debut on Eloisa Records with new EP ‘The XX’, out 15th September.

A four-track release with a different female vocalist on each song ‘#TheXX’ announces itself with the tranquil, jazz-inflicted vibes of ‘#Aura’, featuring the soulful vocals of #EllaSopp. Next up, ‘#Senses’ ventures into the deeper end of the D&B spectrum, accompanied by the smooth voice of #ColletteWarren, before ‘#Timepeace’ unleashes full sonic eruption, paired with the similarly electrifying vocals of #SOFiMARi. Closing things out is the soft, meditative ‘#Zen’, with #Sydney throwing her enchanting vocals into the mix.

A relative newcomer in the world of D&B, pyxis burst onto the scene at the tail-end of last year with a release on the revered #GoldfatRecords. Since then she has put out more music on #LiquidDrops, #SunnyMoves and #JustNoyze before landing on #Eloisa.

A dynamic four-track release, brimming with bold atmospherics and rich soundscapes, ‘#TheXX’ demonstrates a talented young artist on her way to the top.

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