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Rassterlin - So Foolish/On You - Asbo Records / AAR074

Rassterlin's newest release, "All On You" and "So Foolish," is a dynamic showcase of his talents as a jungle drum and bass producer.

"So Foolish" opens with a mesmerizing build-up of atmospheric pads and soulful vocals that sets the stage for an energetic and uplifting track. The drums are tight and the vocal samples are perfectly placed, creating an infectious energy that will have you moving to the beat.

"All On You" takes a different approach, with a more contemplative vibe. The rolling drums and eerie atmospherics create a sense of unease that is offset by the vocal samples. The tension is expertly maintained throughout the track, leading.

Overall, this release is a must-listen for fans of jungle drum and bass. Rassterlin's unique style and production skills make for a thrilling listening experience that will leave you wanting more.

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