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Ray Keith Feat. E-LISA - Paradise - Dread Recordings / DREADUK53

Dread Recordings work tirelessly to champion the work of highly seasoned Drum and Bass talent. Once more, they have emerged with the second sample from Ray Keith’s pending project The Birdman.

‘Paradise’ poses as the second of four sample releases ahead of the projects release date later this year in May.

Dance music sovereign Ray Keith has been present on the circuit for a respectable number of years; blessing listeners with a long string of drops, firmly cementing his name onto the walls of the scene. The Colchester-based veteran personifies the dedication and passion of Drum and Bass artists who strive to provide their listeners with nothing but high-quality musical material.

Laced with the infectious vocals of E-LISA, ‘Paradise’ possesses a serene soundscape paired with euphoric drum patterns. Each carefully crafted element fuses together to create one unforgettable dance track; yet another profound addition to the up-and-coming body of work.

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